Farm and Garden Equipment for Sale in La Mirada, CA

2010 Freightliner Cascadia 2010 Freightliner Cascadia Det DD13 brand new engine with 2 year or 200,000 mile warranty from dealer (installed Feb 2017 and at 684817 miles). Located in Chino Hills, CA Financing Nationwide Shipping and Warranties available to qualified buyers. Stock Number: H173329E https://www.tradenetequipment.com/classified-for-sale/used-heavy-equipment/Freightliner/Chino-Hills/...
Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree between 6 and 7 height with 3-4 stalks w leaves as shown. It included w plastic pot extra for wood container if required. $245 EACH
I have a Juliana Pig for Sale - very sweet - loves to run and play. She is solid black and about 18 lbs. Born 4162017. She should mature to 50 to 60 lbs. She has been used in my petting zoo for the last 4 months and is used to being touchedpetted. Loves belly scratches Only reason for selling is she does not get along with my other pig. I paid $425 for her so this is a steal She is in tactnot s...
Teddy bear palms Dypsis Leptocheilosare one of the more exotic and unusual looking palm trees that grow well in Southern California. It is called the Teddy bear palm because its crown-shaft has a thick bright red-brown tomentum that resembles a teddy bears soft fuzz. Besides being very rare it can survive temperatures that can dip down to 25 F and thrives beautifully in southern California and ...
Arenga engleri, the Formosa palm or sugar palm, radiates a tropical beauty and is considered to be among the finest landscape and cultivated palms. This palm is native to the islands of south Japan including Taiwan. This attractive clustering palm rarely grows more than 10 ft 3.1 m tall with a stem diameter of 6 in 15.2 cm You can even plant this palm below power lines and they will never reach...
Beccariophoenix fenestralis Window pane palm is a spectacular, massive Coconut relative that is rare and endangered and native to Madagascar. This is a great palm for our southern California coastal to a few miles inland gardens. It can handle temps down to the upper 20s for a very short duration. Window pane palms are a slow grower here in California and can reach heights up to 25 tall here. T...
This gorgeous palm tree species is one of the easier Dypsis to grow here in Southern California, though still VERY, VERY RARE and almost impossible to find this size anywhere in California for sale. This is a suckering species with green ringed trunk covered with a powdery blue-white film that sets this palm apart from the rest. Did I mention gorgeous This species is a more compact palm that ca...
Parajubea Torallyi palms AKA Bolivian Mountain Coconut palm These palm trees are native to the highland slopes of the Andes Mountains in Bolivia South America where the palm grows at altitudes of 9,000 feet. This is a super cold hardy palm that can take temps down to 19F Thats cold folks but also can take temps that exceed 110F and can handle dry hot winds. This palm can grow anywhere from the ...
bushel of healthy sword ferns could be broken down too 10-20 individual plants , 20. All
20-30 pink lady Lillie bulbs blooms summer large tall pink flower 2.ea.
20 - 30 jade plants ready to plant very easy to grow will grow most anywhere and are drought tolerant. 20. All ,also have large 15 tall 10.ea
more than 25 mature Lilly of the Nile plants , low maintenance ,easy to grow ,blooms with beautiful flower every year 5. ea will negotiate on quantity
This machine runs great powered by a deutz diesel engine 4x4 articulating directional back blade has 1900 hours no leaks ready to go. comes with narrow bucket as well.
Talk about a statement piece for your yard....This palm is guaranteed to make heads turn in amazement.Caryota Gigas Fish Tail Palm is native to the mountain reigns of Thailand. This palm can reach heights up to 80 tall a fast grower and is very cold hardy taking temps down to 24F. This palm is a statement for anyones yard. Just look at picture 4, 5, 6, and 7. The cool thing about this palm is h...
Ravenea Glauca is a very tropical looking palm that is native to the central and the southern regions of Madagascar. This is a very graceful looking palm that boasts green shiny leaves with silvery undersides that give way to white fronds and trunk. STUNNING This palm is very hardy and can take cold temps down to 26F and full hot blazing inland sun to 112 F. Ravenea Glauca is fairly drought tol...
Syagrus schizophylla x Syagrus romanzoffiana palms are very rare hybrid palm tree cross known as the California coconut queen or super parrot palm tree is a very tropical looking coconut like palm that just loves our southern California climate and is a easy grow. Many palm collectors highly regard this palm and is considered very rare and extremely hard to find. If you dont believe that they l...
Dypsis Ambositrae palms are near extinct in the wild and is considered VERY RARE. This is a dramatic and gorgeous palm for Southern California and does very well in full inland sun or filtered costal sun. While putting out about three or four leaves a year that dramatically twist and curve as they grow this palm has a beautiful powdery white tomentum crown shaft and has a brilliant new red spea...
Beccariophoenix Alfredii, also known as the High Plateau Coconut Palm, is a recently discovered palm species that is native to the high plateau regions of Madagascar found at an elevation of 3,440. It is in the genus Beccariophoenix is closely related to the Coconut palm genus Beccariophoenix alfredii is very similar in appearance to the world famous coconut palm tree. They are drought tolerant...
Dypsis Saintelucei Sainte Luce Feather Palm palm trees are a very attractive addition to anyones garden. This palm is still very, very rare in the wild but has come into cultivation over the past few years. Dypsis Saintelucei comes from the Littoral forests of south east Madagascar and is critically endangered in its native habitat. This palm is already showing amazing colors even as a juvenile...
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